About Us

What is Travelistly and how we can make you travel better

  • What's Travelistly?

    Discover the Best Travel Blog Posts and Videos

    Travelistly is a Reddit for digital nomads, a ProductHunt for travel content, and a platform for content creators. We bring you the best travel blog posts and videos for your trip planning. With our weekly digest, we will deliver the most inspiring travel blog posts and videos right in your inbox every week.

  • Why Travelistly?

    We aggregate only authentic travel stories with useful information

    Go on Google and search a city or a country that you want to visit and look at the result. Most of the time, the top results will either be an outdated information website or a tour company site.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a website that surface only the recent authentic content curated by real travelers that is only related to your trip? We will help you connect with the content by providing a list of most recent popular travel stories of the places you want to go without having to go through all the unrelated result provide by other platform.

  • What you can do with Travelistly?

    For Travelers..

    Your trip planning will be a lot less stressful. With Travelistly, you can search through blog posts by location, save and organize them to your list and start your trip planning in an instant.

    We only curate user-generated content that provide values to travelers, so expect to get a personal tips and tricks from real travelers.

    For Writers and Bloggers..

    Have you ever wonder how you will target your demographic amidst the vast network of people on the Internet? We will provide you the target audience you need, the fellow travelers who will appreciate what you have written.

    You have a great story to tell? Don't keep it to yourself and start sharing your life experiences with fellow travelers and add your story to Travelistly.

    Earn points as you share your work, and become a verified user and grow your audience with us.

  • Meet Our Team

    Pete R.

    Pete R.

    Founder of Travelistly, BucketListly, ThePeteDesign and MyColorScreen. A Solo Traveler going global to become local.

    In January 2014, I was planning a trip to go see the "Avatar's mountains" in ZhangJiaJie, Hunan province, China that was said to be used as a based design of the Hallelujah mountain depicted in the Avatar's movie. I was surprised by the lag of good related content by real travelers on Google, and all I was able to find were websites created by tour companies or agencies that have all been competing for the keyword. That was where the idea of Travelistly began.

    I want to create a place that will let me research a destination quickly without having me to go through all the unrelated content on Google. Travelistly was born to solve this by aggregating only the authentic, travelers-submitted content and get rated by the level of quality of their writing. That way, Travelistly will always connect you to the right information.

    I hope to build this and become the ultimate first page travelers visit, when they are planning their trips, and I can not do it without you guys. Thank you all for your contribution!