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I Had To Leave Everest Basecamp Trek Because Of Altitude Sickness Part 3/4

youtube.com · 27 days by Pete R.

In the last video I started to suffer from altitude sickness. This video explains what happened in the days after and how I ended up having to leave..

Uzbekistan Odyssey - A Travel Video

youtube.com · 10 days by Pete R.

Two millennia ago, Uzbekistan was once the cradle of culture and trade right at the center of the ancient silk road. Nowadays, It is well-known for ..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Human By Nature: A Journey Through Kerala

goatsontheroad.com · 7 days by Pete R.

“You must visit Kerala when you travel to India!” This was what we constantly heard during our plans to visit the Subcontinent. While located in..

Lombardy, Italy 7 Day Itinerary: Milan, Bergamo & Lake Como - Here To Travel

heretotravel.com · 14 days by Here To Travel

In this post, we’re going to show you how you can put together your own 7 day travel itinerary of Lombardy, Italy, based on our own 7 day trip in th..

10 Awesome Things To Do In Baku, Azerbaijan - A Complete Backpacking Guide And Itinerary For Baku

bucketlistly.blog · 4 days by Pete R.

Azerbaijan, or the "Land of Fire", is a country of contrast between the old and the new. No other country had gone through such a drastic transforma..

Outdoorsy In Kl: 15 Hiking Trails In & Near Kuala Lumpur — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 9 days by Pashmina Binwani

It is one thing to experience the snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas, and come back to Kuala Lumpur to appreciate the technical and tropical tra..

10 Remote Places Few Travellers Have Ever Seen | Cn Traveller

cntraveller.com · 1 day by Pete R.

There are certain bragging rights that come with being the first of your friends to visit a remote destination, but it can be hard to find truly off..

I Would Drive 500 Miles: Road-tripping The Scottish Highlands

lonelyplanet.com · 1 day by Pete R.

Even in its brisk overture, just another A-road ferrying commuters and HGVs to and from Scotland’s northernmost city, the NC500 can’t help exuding a..

Hiking & Photography In Nepal | Everest Basecamp & Gokyo Trek Part 1/4

youtube.com · 15 days by Pete R.

This video is the start of a 20 day landscape photography trek through the Himalaya mountains of Nepal. I have my Fuji XT3 camera and we venture up ..

The Pamir Highway Road Trip Story - A Travel Video From Tajikistan | Sony A6500 - Youtube

youtube.com · 1 day by Pete R.

On the 2nd of October 2017, 8 strangers from different backgrounds all came together coincidentally to set out on a road trip across Central Asia fo..

Travel Shaming -- Another Plague Of 2020

edition.cnn.com · 6 days by Pete R.

Travelers who choose to share what they're getting up to on vacation right now may find themselves beset with a case of 2020's latest plague: travel..

The 23 Best Books On Pakistan

againstthecompass.com · 2 days by Pete R.

Pakistan is the magic of its hospitable people and epic mountains – blessed with marvelous summits and historical treasures, but endless political i..