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Cups Of Tea, Pashminas And Momos, Seeing India’s Himalayas On A Budget - The New York Times

nytimes.com · 2 days by Pete R.

In the Ladakh region of northern India, the town of Leh is known for its beauty and culture, and for the experience of buying a cashmere scarf. I..

Paris On Foot: 35 Miles, 6 Days And One Blistered Toe

nytimes.com · 8 hrs by Pete R.

A journey around the perimeter of Paris, exploring neighborhoods well off the tourist-beaten path, revealed a city at once familiar and yet startlin..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The Photographic Story Of Bulunkul: One Of The Coldest And The Most Remote Places In The World

diyphotography.net · 27 days by Pete R.

Our world is a magical place filled with beauty. Following the Great Silk Road, photographer Alex Pflaum ended up in Bulunkul, the coldest town of C..

Oahu Travel Guide - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 10 days by Kelana by Kayla

The ultimate guide on Oahu, Hawaii. Where to stay, how to get around, what to eat, and what to see once you arrive on Oahu!

A Truly Life Changing Experience, Travelling The World — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 1 day by Minivan of Memories

Our decision to travel the world had always been a dream. One day we would quit our jobs and just do it. One day. It actually happening took us ..

The Life-giving Properties Of One Of The World's Oldest Cheeses

atlasobscura.com · 1 day by Pete R.

Beginning in 2002, the Xinjiang Cultural Relics and Archaeology Institute began to plumb graves in a tomb complex located in northwestern China’s Ta..

Photos Show How Saudi Arabia Has Changed In The Last Century

nationalgeographic.com · 15 days by Pete R.

PUBLISHEDThe oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a challenging country for photographers and reporters to chronicle, is now under intense scrutiny in ..

The Best Ruin Bars Of Budapest In 2018: 9 Places Not To Miss

nomadicmatt.com · 9 hrs by Pete R.

One of the upsides to being an independent writer is that I’m my own boss. There are no deadlines, no one to pester me, and no outside burdens. I ge..

My First Big Trip, Backpacking In Prague — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 1 day by Minivan of Memories

When I talk to people about travelling, they often ask me “What was your favorite destination?”. Now, that is a hard question to answer, but this ti..

Bosnia: A Short Getaway To Green Sceneries And Charming Old Cities — Minivan Of Memories

bit.ly · 20 hrs by Minivan of Memories

After a busy time at work and before another big product launch, it was time for a much needed few days break and a road trip with my girlfriend fro..

Is It Time To Ban Western Travellers - And Their Egos - From Mount Everest?

telegraph.co.uk · 12 days by Pete R.

Spring in the Himalayas brings with it the start of the brief Everest climbing season – and for the next six to eight weeks, a thousand or so foreig..

Romantic, Rash, And Ridiculous First Impressions Of Cape Town

theunconventionalroute.com · 1 day by Chris

Is The Mother City marriage material or not as hot as people say she is? Our first impressions a few days into our whirlwind blind date with Cape..