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What An Ancient Turkish City Looks Like From The Perspective Of Its Stray Dogs | Aeon Videos

aeon.co · 9 days by Pete R.

Made possible by a nationwide ‘no kill, no capture’ law protecting stray animals, Turkey’s stray dogs live in a sort of semi-harmony with people, th..

10 Best Things To Do In Tallinn, Estonia - A Complete Guide To Backpacking Tallinn

bucketlistly.blog · 14 days by Pete R.

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is probably my favorite city out of all the places I've been to in the Baltics. It is by far the most photogen..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The Best Time To Visit Thailand - When To Visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & The Islands

bucketlistly.blog · 5 mths by Pete R.

Thailand is a tropical country with diverse topography and climate where you can find high mountains in the north as well as tropical beaches and is..

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A Remote Highway Along The Arabian Sea

bbc.com · 1 mth by Pete R.

Following a route once taken by Alexander the Great's army, the Makran Coastal Highway is considered one of the most scenic – and fascinating – in S..

Solo Traveler J.r. Harris On A Life Of Adventure

afar.com · 9 days by Pete R.

J.R. Harris is one of the most prolific solo hikers the world has ever seen. But he’d never tell you that himself. It was the new summer of 1966,..

The First Three Women To Climb Everest

outsideonline.com · 2 mths by Pete R.

his photo captures a moment that will never come again: a gathering of the first three women to climb Mount Everest. Together, smiling. All are now ..

10 Best Things To Do In Vilnius, Lithuania - A Complete Guide To Backpacking Vilnius

bucketlistly.blog · 1 mth by Pete R.

For those of you who are looking for an off-the-beaten-path place to visit in Europe, Vilnius, an incredibly colorful capital city of the Baltic Cou..

10 Best Things To Do In Riga, Latvia - A Complete Guide To Backpacking Riga

bucketlistly.blog · 14 days by Pete R.

Riga, the beautiful capital city of Latvia, is one hell of a hidden gem city to visit in Europe. This old city of the Baltic Sea is filled with stun..

What To Pack For The Everest Base Camp Hike - A Complete Packing List

bucketlistly.blog · 27 days by Pete R.

Everest Base Camp trail is one of the best hikes you can do in the world. The trail will take you to some of the most stunning and diverse Himalayan..

15 Best Thai Street Foods To Try In Thailand - The Ultimate Foodie Guide To Thai's Street Food

bucketlistly.blog · 14 days by Pete R.

As some of you may know, I am a street food addict. Born and raised in Thailand, street food is a part of who I am, and I carried that with me at al..

The Oral History Of March 2020: The Month Global Travel Shut Down

skift.com · 1 mth by Pete R.

Every March from here on, humanity will pause to remember what that month in 2020 started. And stopped. For those of us in travel, by many accounts ..

15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Turkey - What To See, Where To Go, Things To Do For First-timers

bucketlistly.blog · 6 mths by Pete R.

Turkey is so much more than just Istanbul. It is also home to some of the most beautiful places in the world like the alien-like landscape of Cappad..