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Tarab: Syria’s Key To Finding Happiness

bbc.com · 10 mths by Pete R.

For hundreds of years, a haunting style of folk music said to leave listeners in an ecstatic, trance-like state has flourished in Aleppo. For ye..

8 Best Places To Go After Covid-19 - A Guide To Places To Travel To For Social-distancing

bucketlistly.blog · 10 mths by Pete R.

As countries around the world started to open its door to tourism again after a long period of lockdown and closed borders, it is time for us to div..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Bbc - Travel - Where You Can See The ‘soul’ Of The Earth

bbc.com · 10 mths by Pete R.

Canada’s remote Gros Morne National Park is one of the few places where you can see the Earth’s mantle. During the warmer months, Canada’s easter..

The Anthony Bourdain Food Trail

stories.kitchenaid.com · 11 mths by Pete R.

To say that Anthony Bourdain changed the way we think about food is an understatement. In a world where food is often treated as a status symbol, wh..

Thailand's The Sanctuary: How A Hippie Hideaway Transformed Into A Top Beach Retreat | Cnn Travel

edition.cnn.com · 11 mths by Pete R.

Covid is just the latest challenge for The Sanctuary, a secretive hippie hideaway that grew to become a world-renowned Thailand beach retreat. We re..

Isaan Road Trip: Searching For Normalcy In Thailand's Northeast

edition.cnn.com · 10 mths by Pete R.

Despite delivering an intensely flavorful cuisine to go with serene Mekong valley scenery and a strong list of natural and historical attractions, T..

Europe’s City Of Dawdlers And Loafers

bbc.com · 11 mths by Pete R.

The Bulgarian city of Plovdiv has an almost untranslatable word – “aylyak” – that manifests as a refusal to get caught up in the rat race and a scep..

How To Plan Your First Solo Trip - A Step By Step Guide On How To Plan A Successful First Solo Trip

bucketlistly.blog · 11 mths by Pete R.

Now that you have all the nitty-gritty details of a country you want to visit from my travel guides, it is time to start planning your own solo trip..

10 Most Inspiring Short Adventure Documentaries To Watch - Feed Your Wanderlust For Free With These Videos

bucketlistly.blog · 11 mths by Pete R.

I love watching inspiring travel and adventure documentaries. These documentaries often follow the most inspiring people and tell their stories in a..

Being A Travel Blogger During Covid-19 - What Is It Like? - An Honest To God Truth Of How The Pandemic Affects Us

bucketlistly.blog · 11 mths by Pete R.

It happened all at once as the news of the pandemic stunned the world and the unprecedented impact trickled down through each level of society. The ..

8 Awesome Short Documentaries To Expand Your Worldview - Must-watch Documentaries For Travelers To Understand The World More

bucketlistly.blog · 11 mths by Pete R.

The world is a massive place and to be a good traveler is to be observant of many of the wonderful and unique cultures of the world so that we can e..

Solo Female Travel In Mongolia's Gobi Desert

lostwithpurpose.com · 11 mths by Pete R.

Yes, women can and do travel solo in Mongolia! Here’s a guest post and travel guide from Ana of Parenthood4ever on solo female travel to in Mongolia..