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New Zealand Travel Tips en

nomadicmatt.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

A budget travel guide for backpackers and budget travelers for New Zealand with things to do, places to see, costs, and money saving tips.

Iceland - Made for adventure en

youtube.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

Our once in a lifetime trip was booked through http://iceland.nordicvisitor.com - I hope this video gives you a glimpse of the stunning time we had...

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The 20 Coolest Arcades in the World en

mashable.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

From the streets of Tokyo to the Midwest, here are 20 of the coolest arcades in the world.

Japan Part 5: Road trip in Kumamoto with Friends ... en

blog.bucketlistly.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

Japan Part 5: Road trip in Kumamoto with Friends And we have finally come to the last part of the Solo Traveler’s Journal #10 about Japan. It has be..

On the rails to Mandalay: the Mail Train to Thazi en

vagabondbaker.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

Go by rail to Mandalay from Lake Inle: taking the mail train to Thazi, travelling through a spectacular landscape on a slow, rolling, train.

5 Things we Learned about Italy in the First 48 Hours en

notesofnomads.com · 4 yrs by angloitalian

A new day, a new city. Here are five new things we learned about Rome and Italy more generally in 48 hours in the capital.

Ten things you must know before travelling to Laos en

manversusworld.com · 4 yrs by Mary

Ten travel tips that every backpacker should know before travelling to Laos. Packed full of travel advice to keep you - and your wallet - safe and h..

7 Things You Can Do in Bellagio, Italy en

hikebiketravel.com · 4 yrs by Mary

Bellagio, Italy sits on Lake Como & is a popular destination for couples & young families. It's got a fabulous setting but a day or two should do it.

Top 5 Things to Do in Chile, the Land of Contrasts en

kaleidoskopetravel.com · 4 yrs by Mary

Chile is a stunning country full of contrasts. Discover top 5 Things to Do in Chile, the Land of Contrasts, and explore best Chile tourist attractio..

17 Thai dishes and drinks you need to try en

matadornetwork.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

Check out 17 of our favorite Thai dishes and drinks before hopping that flight to Bangkok or heading to your local Thai spot to give them a try.

50 Things to do in BERLIN! en

thatbackpacker.com · 4 yrs by Steve S.

A list of Berlin’s top attractions and must-do activities, including eating Currywurst, karaoke at Mauerpark, touring a former spy station, and more!

12 Things to do in Helsinki, Finland summer travel guide en

nomadicsamuel.com · 4 yrs by Mary

12 Things to do in Helsinki Travel Video     12 Things to do in Helsinki Travel Guide   What a difference a year can make. When we first visited Hel..