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Best Cheap Eats in Queenstown en

bitt-n.com · 4 yrs by Cyproxy

Queenstown has no shortage of amazing places to eat. The choice is endless, no matter what budget you're on. After spending some time in Queenstown ..

Barcelona of Mine

vimeo.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

camera : panasonic gh4 lens : samyang 7.5mm f 3.5 codec : h264 100mb/sec 4k output 1920-1080

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Through the Crown Range to Wanaka en

bitt-n.com · 4 yrs by Cyproxy

We drove through the perilous looking Crown Range on our way to Wanaka. An amazing drive on icy roads through amazing mountain ranges, definitely an..

Norway 2014 (Showreel)

vimeo.com · 4 yrs by Mary

This showreel was shot over a 4 day / 900km road trip around south west Norway. Time-lapse locations: Bergen, Dalseid, Skjeringavatnet, Vikafjelle..

5 Things to Know before Hiking in New Zealand en

youngadventuress.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

Living a Kiwi Life shares with us 5 things to know before hiking in New Zealand, from packing, preparing and what to bring to the hikes themselves

The Catlins - New Zealand's Best Kept Secret en

youngadventuress.com · 4 yrs by Kitty

Check out my guide to exploring the Catlins New Zealand

Spectacular scenery on the Route du Volcan en

velvetescape.com · 4 yrs by Robotic Traveler

The Route du Volcan on Reunion Island offers spectacular scenery around every bend and is a must-do on the island.

Conquering the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in October en

manversusworld.com · 4 yrs by Steve S.

What you need to know about the Tongariro Crossing, including what to pack and what you need to wear. Travel tips.

Tourists Turning a Blind Eye to Animal Cruelty en

timetravelturtle.com · 4 yrs by angloitalian

A new report has found many travellers are unaware of the cruelty of tourism with wild animals and put money and experience ahead of welfare.

Light Between the Trees

vimeo.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

While each of us has been hiking/backpacking since our JMT trip in 2011, this was the first hike where most of The Muir Project participants headed ..

WANDER IN PARADISE // Treasured Memories from Playa Junquillal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

vimeo.com · 4 yrs by Pete R.

WANDER IN PARADISE // Playa Junquillal, Costa Rica By Sv3nska. Follow me on : + www.facebook.com/sv3nskafilms + Instagram @sv3nska + (under constr..