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Why I love Wellington so much en

youngadventuress.com · over 5 years by Pete R.

Wellington New Zealand visit - here are my 15 reasons why I love Wellington, New Zealand.

Colors of New Zealand

vimeo.com · over 5 years by Pete R.

Notre road trip d'un mois du nord au sud de la Nouvelle-Zélande en mars 2014. Our road trip from Northern to Southern New Zealand in march 2014. S..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

5 Tips for Traveling in Perú en

gobackpacking.com · over 5 years by Steve S.

Tweet Tweet hey boast some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, but you have to prepare for a handful of things in different parts of Perú: t..

A Castle Full of Light: Takanabe Lantern Festival

simonearmer.com · over 5 years by Simone Armer

The Takanabe Lantern Festival is held in Maizuru Park, where Takanabe Castle once stood. The thousands of lanterns that decorate the castle ruins re..

"I quit my job and my buddy and I rode our motorcycles to the top of the world" en

imgur.com · over 5 years by Vict

The most viral images on the internet, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.

Cosmos in Kobayashi en

simonearmer.com · over 5 years by Simone Armer

Every year in October, about 100 million cosmos flowers bloom across the Ikoma Plateau in Kobayashi.

Yosemite National Park: Losing the crowds en

thegrownupgapyear.wordpress.com · over 5 years by Pete R.

Arriving in Yosemite National Park is like stepping onto a film set. Lush green forests, thundering waterfalls, clear blue lakes and sandy beaches. ..

Ermahgerd, the Alps! en

meganotravels.com · over 5 years by Pete R.

Schwangau is a small town situated in the German Alps, which is home to the Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castles.

New Zealand

vimeo.com · over 5 years by Pete R.

This is a little video I put together on a recent trip to New Zealand. Camera - Canon 5DII Lenses - 16-35L, 24-70L, 70-200L. http://www.chrisbenn..

Top five scenic drives of New Zealand en

findingtheuniverse.com · over 5 years by Robotic Traveler

Five incredible scenic drives in New Zealand that you must do!

Travelogue - New Zealand

vimeo.com · over 5 years by Pete R.

Filmed during our two weeks road trip around New Zealand's South Island, the capital of adventure! Toured around Mount Cook, Queenstown, Wanaka wit..

Our Japan

vimeo.com · over 5 years by Mindy

Two weeks in Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Hiroshima, Kinosaki Canon 5D MkIII (Magic Lantern 14bit RAW) Canon EF 50mm f1.2L USM Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8..