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One Day on Fraser Island

vimeo.com · over 6 years by Pete R.

Sadness and beauty at the end of summer on an Australian island. Many thanks to composer Steven Richard Davis for the original score. https://sou..


vimeo.com · over 6 years by Pete R.

8 days in Romania with my lovely girlfriend Andreea. Track: Tom Odell - Another Love (Zwette edit)

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Qeqertarsuatsiaat - A Village in Greenland en

fotopedia.com · over 6 years by Kitty

Qeqertarsuatsiaat, formerly Fiskernæs or Fiskenæsset, is a settlement in the Sermersooq municipality in southwestern Greenland, located on an island..

Abkhazia Is Yet Another Country That Doesn't Exist en

vice.com · over 6 years by Katie

Located to the southeast of Sochi, the Caucasus republic is wedged between southern Russia, Georgia, and the Black Sea.

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Around the World in 360 Degrees - 3 Year Epic Selfie en

youtu.be · over 6 years by Pete R.

600 Days Around the World with a GoPro on a stick! In the most epic selfie ever! The ultimate selfie compilation documented like never before in a 3..

January in Japan

vimeo.com · 6 yrs by Kitty

Wife and I went to Japan in January, it's a beautiful place and a beautiful culture. Music: Daughters by Tony Anderson. The Music Bed: http://www.t..

Explore the hidden Japanese village where dolls replace the departed en

theverge.com · 6 yrs by Kitty

Nestled in the hidden valleys of Shikoku, Japan, is the village of Nagoro. Its remote location has led its residents to leave for big cities in sear..

7 Breathtaking things to do in Bolivia - Pohtecktoes en

pohtecktoes.com · 6 yrs by Hendric Tay

With salt flats that are visible from space and a large indigenous population, there are many unique things to do in Bolivia for the curious travele..

9 Waterfalls you must see before you die - Pohtecktoes en

pohtecktoes.com · 6 yrs by Hendric Tay

Mother Nature vomited rainbows, waterfalls would be the site of her act. Here are 9 waterfalls you must see before you die.

Climbing Mount Snowdon: The Llanberis Path en

gallivantgirl.com · 6 yrs by Pete R.

Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales. Located in the fabulous Snowdonia National Park, its peak is 1,085m, making it the highest mountain ..

A Journey through Sicilian Landscapes en

fotopedia.com · over 6 years by Kitty

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; along with surrounding minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy, and it is..