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A Brief History Of Timor Leste - One Of The Newest And Least Traveled Country In Asia

bucketlistly.blog · 1 mth by Pete R.

When people asked me where I have been in South East Asia, I often get blank stares whenever I mentioned my travel experience in East Timor or as it..

40 Best Things To Do In Tokyo, Japan

annaeverywhere.com · 2 mths by Pete R.

Tokyo is a city full of cool and unusual things to do. You might spend a lifetime there and still not discover it all, so you should arrive with a p..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Awe Inspiring Reasons To Visit Patagonia | Vagrants Of The World Travel

vagrantsoftheworld.com · 1 mth by Vagrants Of The World Travel

Trekking in Patagonia has been on our travel list for a long time. Well before we started travelling full time. It seems crazy, but for one reason o..

The Australian Island Discovered By Accident

bbc.com · 20 days by Pete R.

Dirk Hartog Island is a remote piece of wilderness most Australians have never heard of – and only a few have been there. An accidental discovery..

Partition 70 Years On: The Violence That Created Pakistan And India

independent.co.uk · 26 days by Pete R.

'You think Hindus and Muslims only have bloody guns pointing at each other? No, they don't,' one survivor says  The partition of India, which le..

Why Tourism Is Killing Barcelona – A Photo Essay

theguardian.com · 2 mths by Pete R.

One of the coolest destinations in Europe just two decades ago, Barcelona is now so overcrowded it has become a tourist theme park – and is losing t..

Meet A Traveller: Hanli Prinsloo, Freediving Ocean Activist

lonelyplanet.com · 1 mth by Pete R.

Despite growing up on a horse farm in the middle of South Africa, Hanli always dreamed of being a mermaid. This obsession with the underwater wo..

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Discover Fascinating Vintage Maps From National Geographic's Archives

news.nationalgeographic.com · 2 mths by Pete R.

Cartography has been close to National Geographic’s heart from the beginning. And over the magazine’s 130-year history, maps have been an integral p..

New York, New York

vimeo.com · 27 days by Pete R.

My cinematic approach of capturing this beautiful city. I've been to NYC for 7 days and I decided to bring my camera with me and what can I say.. ..

Staff Picked
Step Right Up: The World’s Most Spectacular Staircases | Travel | The Guardian

theguardian.com · 1 mth by Pete R.

Plain stone or concrete was just too boring for these colourful sites in Asia, Europe and the Americas, where tiles, paint, music and geometric impl..

Hiking In Montenegro: Mountain Adventures

travelgeekery.com · 1 mth by Pete R.

In case you, like me, have recently had an increased thirst for nature adventures, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Montenegro, the co..

The Mysterious Man Who Gave Me Japan

bbc.com · 1 mth by Pete R.

Travel writer Pico Iyer meets a human haiku, who shows him the living, seldom-seen heart of traditional Japan. An elegant middle-aged man, in a ..