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The Ultimate Polar Plunge: The Day I Swam in Antarctica's Icy Waters!

iamaileen.com · 1 mth by Aileen Adalid

When I had the chance to go to Antarctica on an expedition cruise with Hurtigruten, I made it one of my goals to do my first ever polar plunge in th..

A Weekend In Copenhagen: How To Spend Two Days In The Happiest City In The World

independent.co.uk · 25 days by Mindy

The Danish capital is having a moment, but can be prohibitively expensive. Here’s how to enjoy 48 hours there without blowing the budget Why go ..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Beyond The Curve

vimeo.com · 25 days by Steve S.

The journey 21 days through the South Iran ( Tehran - Shiraz - Yazd - Esfahan - Kashan - Tehran) and North Iran ( Tehran - Tabriz - Lake Urmia) -- ..

Sexual Harassment: Dangers Faced By Asian Women Travelling Solo

news.com.au · 16 days by Pete R.

ELAINE Yang, a doctor from Queensland, loves travelling by herself — but there’s a side to it that saddens her. More than 30 other women told her th..

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Canada

vacationcluster.com · 10 days by Suzanne Evans

Head to the scenic, lively country for fresh mountain air and experience the vacation of a lifetime in Canada!

The 7 Best Places To See The Northern Lights And Southern Lights

nationalgeographic.com · 15 days by Pete R.

The northern lights stream down above Kirkjufell mountain in Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The otherworldly aurora borealis, or northern ligh..

Halkidiki: The Best Place In Greece You've Never Heard Of

theworkingmomstravels.com · 20 days by Mary

“So, which island did you visit?” asked the taxi driver in Athens. “We didn’t visit any of the islands,” I replied. “You’re American, no?” ..

Staff Picked
China Silk Road: Epic Journey In Photos

time.com · 1 mth by Pete R.

Workdays in Xinjiang generally begin at 10 or 11 a.m. Not because its people are lazy; China’s westernmost region may share a rough longitude with N..

Russia's Great Cities - The Best Of Moscow.

vagrantsoftheworld.com · 17 days by Vagrants Of The World Travel

The city of Moscow is without a doubt one of the world’s greatest and most exciting cities. It is also incredibly beautiful and very chic. Befor..

9 Things I Adored In Copenhagen And What The City Taught Me About Different Travel Style

thewell-travelledpostcard.com · 19 days by Mindy

I adore watching trends develop in the cities and countries my friends and acquaintances choose to visit and observing how word-of-mouth can really ..

One Month In Turkey - The Ultimate Itinerary For Solo Backpackers

bucketlistly.blog · 24 days by Pete R.

On June 2015, I spent over a month backpacking through Turkey starting from Istanbul and went all the way east to Kars before crossing the border to..

'Parts Unknown' Star Anthony Bourdain's Best Ways To Travel

time.com · 23 days by Pete R.

Anthony Bourdain thinks traveling to Paris just to stand atop the Eiffel Tower is lethal to your soul. And a selfie in front of the pyramids in Giza..