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11 Best Things To Do In Kamphaeng Phet - A Complete One-day Backpacking Itinerary For Kamphaeng Phet

bucketlistly.blog · 7 mths by Pete R.

Kamphaeng Phet, a historical city that rivals those of Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai, is a city in the lower northern part of Thailand. The name of t..

11 Best Things To Do In Lampang - A Two-days Backpacking Itinerary For Lampang, Thailand

bucketlistly.blog · 7 mths by Pete R.

Ahh... Lampang, a place I chose to celebrate the 2020 New Year out of nothing but me happening to be there at that time, turned out to be one of the..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Surviving In Isolation, Where The Steppe Has Turned To Sand - The New York Times

nytimes.com · 6 mths by Pete R.

The World Through a Lens In the Russian republic of Kalmykia, the encroaching desert has transformed the landscape. “Nature,” one farmer said, “..

25 Absolute Best Restaurants And Cafes In Chiang Mai - Where The Locals Like To Eat, Drink, And Enjoy Nightlife

bucketlistly.blog · 7 mths by Pete R.

I'm not sure if this ever happens to anyone while they are on the road but in late 2020, I went on a 3-day trip to Chiang Mai. I wanted to attend th..

Post Vaccine Trips Show Emotional Benefits Of Travel

refinery29.com · 6 mths by Pete R.

Real travelers share emotional details of their first post-vaccination trips. When Jennie Larson finally became eligible to receive the COVID-19 ..

7 Best Things To Do In Si Satchanalai - A Complete One-day Backpacking Itinerary For Si Satchanalai

bucketlistly.blog · 7 mths by Pete R.

Si Satchanalai, founded in 1250, is the twin ancient city to Sukhothai with a ton of old ruins and temples of its caliber, all waiting for you to ex..

The Town That Hemingway Watched Die

messynessychic.com · 7 mths by Pete R.

In the most arid part of Aragon, a northeast state of Spain, a ghost town with an unusual history waits to be explored. In a country full of vibrant..

How To Get From Sabiha Gokcen To Istanbul Airport And Vice Versa - A Complete Guide To Saw - Ist Transit In Istanbul, Turkey

bucketlistly.blog · 6 mths by Pete R.

Turkey is home to one of the most popular and well-connected airlines in the world, the Turkish Airlines, and its main headquarter is located in the..

In East Africa, Mountain Gorillas And A New Paradigm For Wildlife Travel - The Washington Post

washingtonpost.com · 7 mths by Pete R.

In wistful moments, when I find myself daydreaming about the faraway places that have seldom felt so distant, I often linger on a border region of c..

12 Best Things To Do In Ayutthaya For Backpackers - A 2-days Itinerary For The Historical Old City Of Ayutthaya, Thailand

bucketlistly.blog · 7 mths by Pete R.

Ayutthaya is an important ancient city that created a foundation and made up the Thai modern history of today. The city was mentioned in many of the..

The End Of The Pandemic Is Not Coming Just 'cause.

lazytravelers.net · 7 mths by Pete R.

I’m sorry but the end of the pandemic is not in sight, and no measure of wishful thinking can change that. Look, I know. No one wants to read or..