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Unbolivable - A Bolivia Travel Video

youtube.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Bolivia is Un-Bolivia-ble! Get it? Ok, I'll show myself out... Haha! 😂 I didn't get to spend much time in Bolivia (2 weeks only which is pretty shor..

China’s greatest naval explorer sailed his treasure fleets as far as East Africa

nationalgeographic.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Perhaps it is odd that China’s greatest seafarer was raised in the mountains. The future admiral Zheng He was born around 1371 to a family of prospe..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What’s It Like Being A Travel Writer In The Age Of Lockdown - Lonely Planet

lonelyplanet.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

After more than two years of living completely nomadically, I’ve been quarantined with my brother and sister-in-law in Washington DC since the begin..

Hiking The Big Almaty Lake And Peak In One Day: Kazakhstan's Blue Lake — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 4 mths by Pashmina Binwani

Here’s what it is like to hike the Big Almaty Lake Peak on a day trip. This picturesque turquoise lake, 1.6km long, rests in a rocky bowl at 3,361 m..

What Is It Like To Be A Travel Blogger During A Pandemic - An Honest To God Truth Of How The Pandemic Affects Us

bucketlistly.blog · 3 mths by Pete R.

It happenned all at once as the news of the pandemic stunned the world and the unprecendented impact trickled down through each level of society. Th..

Where Now For Travel? Lonely Planet Closures Point To An Uncertain Future

theguardian.com · 4 mths by Pete R.

As the travel publisher closes its Melbourne and London offices, a guidebook writer asks what’s next for an industry in crisis Paula Hardy C..

10 Best Cozy Cafes In Lviv, Ukraine - A Complete Guide To Lviv's Vibrant Cafe Culture

bucketlistly.blog · 4 mths by Pete R.

I think it safe to say, Lviv is the true cultural capital of Ukraine. With its many cozy and atmospheric coffee houses, mysterious-looking decors, a..

Aerial Photos Show ‘the Human Planet’—in All Its Beauty And Pain

nationalgeographic.co.uk · 3 mths by Pete R.

On Friday, March 13, I returned one last time to National Geographic’s deserted offices, which had closed the day before for an indefinite period. W..

Ban Cruises

earther.gizmodo.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Some of the most horrifying coronavirus outbreaks have been on vacation cruises. As ships have acted like petri dishes for the disease, hundreds of ..

Parallax Pakistan

youtube.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

This travel video is going to be a little different from all my other travel videos in that the videos are not made out of video but from still phot..

Lessons From A Failed Travel Blogger

· 4 mths by Pete R.

I’ve started a lot of blogs. I’ve abandoned A LOT of blogs. With every new blog I started, I vowed this time would be different. It never was. Becau..

10 Best Things To Do In Tirana, Albania - The Ultimate Backpacking Guide On What To See And Where To Stay In Tirana

bucketlistly.blog · 3 mths by Pete R.

For being isolated for such a long time behind the Iron Curtain until 1991, you would think that Tirana, the capital city of Albania, would be a dul..