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Best Places To Visit In Thailand - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 2 mths by Kelana by Kayla

With a country full of culture and history, friendly locals and studded palm-tree beaches it’s no secret Thailand is home to some truly spectacular ..

The Best Byron Bay Beaches Guide – The Top Beaches To Visit In And Near Byron Bay - Kelana By Kayla

kelanabykayla.com · 3 mths by Kelana by Kayla

Exploring the beaches is easy, with the wonderful lighthouse walk that takes you up the coast to the Byron Bay Lighthouse stopping in at all the cov..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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A Historic Journey Proceeds Across The Roof Of The World

nationalgeographic.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Out of Eden Walk Her hair was dyed purple. She wore spandex. She was dancing alone, the young foreigner, swaying barefoot on the roof of a car p..

Six Lesser-known Reasons To Visit Japan's Oita Prefecture

lonelyplanet.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Oita, a prefecture on Japan's southern-most island of Kyūshū, is world-famous for its incredible hot springs. Towns like Beppu host bathers from aro..

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The Decline Of Hong Kong's Iconic Neon Glow

youtube.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Neon is fading. Follow the Vox Borders watch page: https://www.facebook.com/VoxBorders/ Follow Johnny on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnny..

The Illegal Ramen Vendors Of Postwar Tokyo - Gastro Obscura

atlasobscura.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

When Japan surrendered in the Second World War, the country was in a state of ruin. Bombers from the United States had either destroyed or damaged o..

Staff Picked
Uzbekistan's Secret Underground – In Pictures

theguardian.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

After the ban on photographing the Tashkent metro in Uzbekistan was lifted this summer, Amos Chapple, RFE/RL’s photographer went underground to reve..

More Than 100 Fantastic Articles From 2017 - The Atlantic

theatlantic.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

A list of nonfiction journalism from 2017 that will stand the test of time. Each year, I keep a running list of nonfiction that I encounter as I..

10 Must-see Natural Wonders In Oman

lonelyplanet.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Tucked into the southeastern corner of the vast Arabian Peninsula, Oman has historically been isolated by mountains, sand and sea. Today, the same p..

Staff Picked
Haunting Portraits Of Vietnam’s Disappearing Tribes: french Photographer Documents A Way Of Life That Is Dying Out

scmp.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Hoi An-based Frenchman Réhahn’s patient approach has won him the trust of tribal elders, who have handed over rare artefacts and garments for displa..

The Art And Heart Of Travel Storytelling

nationalgeographic.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

Telling stories is one of humankind’s abiding, defining impulses. The cave paintings at Lascaux in France and the Aboriginal wall paintings in A..

An Underground Boat To Islamic Glory

bbc.com · 3 mths by Pete R.

A hidden subterranean world of water offers a glimpse of the city’s enchanted past. When the geographer Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Shams al-Din al-Muqad..