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The True Story Of The White Island Eruption

outsideonline.com · 1 day by Pete R.

Last December, around 100 tourists set out for New Zealand's Whakaari/White Island, where an active volcano has attracted hundreds of thousands of v..

7 Reasons Why You Should Travel In Your Own Country - A Guide To Seeing Your Home Country From A Backpacker's Perspective

bucketlistly.blog · 6 days by Pete R.

As the COVID-19 continues to ravage in 2020, it is time to think about what travel will look like after all this is over, if it will ever be, becaus..

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2017: Pete's Year in Review

2017 has come to an end and these are all the videos I created for my travel this year. From Central Asia to Russia! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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The Enduring Romance Of The Night Train | The New Yorker

newyorker.com · 18 days by Pete R.

If on a winter’s night a traveller is about to board a train, a fortifying drink is of the essence. Thus it was that I stood in line at Burger King,..

Camping In Charyn Canyon: A Guide To Kazakhstan's Grand Canyon — The Gone Goat

thegonegoat.com · 7 days by Pashmina Binwani

Deserts have long been landscapes of revelation where so much space and vastness are bound to heighten clarity of the mind, often missed by the whit..

Japan’s Forgotten Indigenous People

bbc.com · 2 hrs by Pete R.

Japan’s indigenous people, the Ainu, were the earliest settlers of Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island. But most travellers will not have heard of the..

Travel In Saudi Arabia: The Ultimate Guide

lostwithpurpose.com · 3 hrs by Pete R.

Planning a trip to Saudi Arabia? Here’s what you need to know to travel to Saudi Arabia, from costs to what to wear to safety and cultural deets. Ha..

Uzbekistan Through The Lens Of A Local

rferl.org · 2 hrs by Pete R.

The dazzling photography and eye-opening observations of Anzor Bukharsky, one of Bukhara’s only street photographers. The dazzling photography a..

Terra Argentina - A Travel Video

youtube.com · 2 hrs by Pete R.

Terra Argentina or the Land of Silver in Latin is a travel video that followed my journey to the end of the world as I completed by land travel of S..

Vienna’s Unpredictable Vegetable Orchestra

bbc.com · 1 day by Pete R.

They’ve played 300 shows around the world – and most of their instruments don’t make it through the set. It’s three hours before showtime and me..

Paradise Naught: The Privilege Of Being A Tourist | Lost With Purpose

lostwithpurpose.com · 9 days by Pete R.

Tourist privilege couldn’t be clearer, yet it’s something we travelers often overlook. Time to change that. “The child is very malnourished,” th..

Pre-soviet Uzbekistan Captured In Perfect Color

rferl.org · 3 days by Pete R.

Before becoming famous for photographing tsarist Russia, Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky captured stunning photos of life in Central Asia more than a century..

10 Best Things To Do In Lviv, Ukraine - A Complete Travel Guide To Backpacking In Lviv

bucketlistly.blog · 20 days by Pete R.

Did you know that the iconic yellow and blue flag of Ukraine actually flew high and proud here in Lviv way before Kyiv, the capital city of the coun..