On December 20, 2015, we ran 90km (56mi) along the coast of the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. This experience marked the beginning of Aire Libre and our upcoming projects. The route took us from El Desemboque to Bahía de Kino, along La Isla del Tiburón, through the most amazing landscapes, and gave us a chance to spend time with the Seri tribe that still inhabits this land. Leaving the tiny coastal town of El Desemboque at 5:30am, after sleeping on the floor at a local Dance School, and arriving at our destination in Bahía de Kino at 7:00pm, marked 13:30 hours total time with an effective 8:18 hours of running. The selected route featured stunning views: the intense heat and dryness colliding with the deep and cold waters of the Mar de Cortés (Gulf of California) generates an unbelievable energy that is know only to those who have experienced it.

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