When I first heard about Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, I often hear about its Soviet-era architectures, museums and more recently, its proximity to Chernobyl, but not many people mentioned about the coffee culture craze they have going on over here.

To my surprise, when I started to really dive deep into exploring the cafe culture in Kyiv, I stumbled upon countless amazing themed cafes, hipster cafes hidden in Kyiv rustic alleyways, and a ton of great indie cafes with outdoor spaces for one to sit in the sunlight.

It is no doubt that I am a big fan of cafes. Often time, cafes are my workspace of choice and as I am currently sitting here in another great cafe in Kyiv, why not I write about my experience exploring the cafe culture of this great city and recommend a few must-visit cafes for you, fellow travelers to try when you are here in Kyiv.

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