Chiang Saen is an ancient walled city located on the bank of the Mekong River by the border between Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, full of old ruins and rich history that you probably never heard of.

When you think of an ancient city in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is probably the first city that comes to your mind, but did you know that before Chiang Mai was established in the late 13th Century, its founder and the first king of the Lanna Kingdom, King Mengrai was actually the last ruler of the Ngoenyang Kingdom where Chiang Saen was its capital city.

He ruled Chiang Saen for 31 years before he founded a new capital city called Chiang Mai and made the city his seat of power for his new kingdom, the Lanna. With such a rich history, Chiang Saen is home to some really stunning ruins that can still be seen today.

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