Just north of Chiang Mai, right at the border between Thailand and Myanmar, you will find a little hidden gem called Doi Ang Khang, a 1,900+ m high mountain and one of the most unique destinations you can visit in Chiang Mai for those who are looking to go off-the-beaten-path.

Due to its remote location, Doi Ang Khang and the surrounding towns of Arunothai and Chai Prakan are some of the most unique places in Thailand where you can experience the perfect blend between the Thai, Chinese, and Burmese cultures as well as witness the breathtaking and untouched nature of the mighty mountain region that made up the natural border between Thailand and Myanmar.

Not to mention, since many of the locals in Arunothai and Chai Prakan are of Chinese descent, the area has some of the most unique and delicious food you will ever try and that is what we will be highlighting in this travel guide together with all the best things you can do in Doi Ang Khang and all the information you need to plan a great trip here.

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