Tucked away from the mainstream portrayal of India, Kashmir is truly a hidden treasure. A region that’s misunderstood by many, it's one of those places that you simply must experience for yourself. Credit: giphy Kashmir is definitely for you if you love… 1. Getting lost in nature Lush greenery, flower filled meadows, snowcapped mountains… what more can you ask for? From popular destinations like Pahalgam to untouched gems like Naranag – their scenic views will be imprinted in your mind forever. Credit: Meandering Shots The adventurous should make the most out of this and go for a few days’ trek! Do it during the summer, when the temperature would be perfect and the flowers in full bloom. Credit: @asaida_chan on Instagram In spite of that, Kashmir promises a magical experience all year-round. My friend and I went in early spring and although the blossoms were only beginning to bud, we had a misty forest all to ourselves. It was like the pages of a storybook coming to life! Credit: Free Visuals 4 U 2. Waking up in a bygone era Walking through the streets of Lal Chowk, one can’t help but wonder if they have travelled back through time. The bustle of locals

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