I didn’t believe in love at first sight...until I saw Yangon.

From the air, it looked vaguely Thailand-ish, the packed roofs of its pastel colored suburban area as colorful as rows of smarties candy. As we tilted in the wind and eventually landed with a massive thud, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d never even considered visiting Myanmar- nee Burma- much less touring it with my Aunt and Uncle. Myanmar/Burma, until recently, was largely off the beaten path of tourists due to issues with the corrupt government.

It is a widely held prediction, however, that Myanmar is going to blossom as a tourist destination in the next couple of years. Yangon itself is quite cosmopolitan. It is home to 7.2 million people- Burmese, Myanmar minority groups and many foreigners. It is the seat of rapid development in Myanmar and an established city in its own right- a fact that surprised me as our van sped down impressively large promenades, lined with cheerful red and white alternating curbsides and lush and cared-for green medians.

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