12 types of nightmare outdoor shop customers

No one wants to be the person who leaves a store and becomes the subject of retail employees’ horror stories—but of course, lots of people do. (There’s an entire Reddit page dedicated to it.) And if you act in a certain way in an outdoor gear shop, you might be one of 12 prototypes that, thanks to several folks who have spent some years in retail, we’ve defined. In the words of my dad, “You can be anything you want in life—just don’t be an asshole.”

This person seems to not understand that their local gear shop is not a showroom for Amazon.com. Also, that employees of said gear shop might not love hearing that Amazon sells Product X for less. Neither of these things are true, but this savvy shopper is killing two birds with one stone: saving a little money and being a dick.

A close relative of the Person Who Can Get This Cheaper on Amazon, this person seems to believe that their local gear shop exists not only as a sort of showroom for Amazon, but also a dressing room, when in fact their local gear shop is neither, and treating it as such doesn’t actually help their local gear shop stay in business, but helps cause the slow death of a local retailer.

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