Chiang Rai may seem like a sleepy provincial town that rarely gets the same attention as its nearby tourist city, Chiang Mai, but the place has more to offer than it seems and if you are willing to go beyond the beaten paths in Thailand, Chiang Rai is the place for you.

If you ask any tourists who have briefly visited Chiang Rai before, they will often recommend the Blue and White Temples, which to their credit, are 2 of the most beautiful temples in the country, but after spending over 5 days in the province, I am here today to show you the true beauty of Chiang Rai that goes beyond the White and Blue Temples.

Without further ado, here is a complete backpacking guide to Chiang Rai with a comprehensive list of things to do, amazing places to see, and all the information you need for a great trip in this wonderful province. Let's take a look at my Chiang Rai's Itinerary Map:

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