When people talk about traveling in Germany, the picture of locals wearing dirndl and lederhosen (Bavarian traditional clothes) with one hand holding a gigantic beer stein while slap dancing away to German folk music comes to mind. Unfortunately, that representation of Germany as a whole is a little misleading because the portrayed culture you often see is only representing one part of Germany (Bavaria). There is so much more to Germany than that and with this guide, I will suggest you a 2 - 3 weeks itinerary that will allow you to see Germany in all its wonderful angles.

With a perfect harmony between the old and the new, the efficiency and the creatives, and the antiquity and the modernity, Germany is a country that offers many things for all kinds of travelers.Museums for history buffs, creative cafes for hipsters, lively local events for party goers, and mountains for adventurous, no matter who you are, you will find a place to belong in Germany.

July and August is the best time to visit with the perfect summer temperature, high chance of clear days and a more lively environment throughout the country with lots of people outside and outdoor activities to participate. But since it is high season, everything is more expensive and the cities are much more crowded than other months.

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