A trip to Antarctica is undoubtedly the journey of a lifetime for most travelers — after all, it’s a remote grandeur that is unmatched when it comes to natural vistas and pristine wilderness! But unlike what most people think, a trip to this southerly part of the world is NOT just all about cruising because through responsible IAATO-approved expedition providers, there is a gradual increase of exciting and unique things to do in Antarctica that are a fit for just about anyone.

I had the amazing chance to visit Antarctica with Hurtigruten last December and it was absolutely the most awe-inspiring adventure that I have ever done in my life. Up to this day, I still can’t shake off the wonderful encounters and memories that I’ve made.

So if I’ve managed to pique your interest, below are just some of the most epic experiences that you can do when you’re in the ‘White Continent’ — with or without a cruise expedition ship. And depending on your interest (may it be mild or extreme) there is surely enough for you to do here!

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