Utila - a tiny island, which is a part of the Bay Islands in Honduras, is famous amongst adventure enthusiasts as it promises the best and most affordable diving experience, a swim with whale sharks, and plenty of other water based activities.

The tropical Caribbean island is exquisitely beautiful, largely unexplored, having friendly natives coming from diverse cultures with a unique mix of American, British and Spanish heritage. So, you will get to experience diverse cultures and cuisine that you will cherish for life. Do not let the miniature size of the island fool you; there is aplenty to see and do that you will be spoiled for choice.

Utila is home to second largest barrier reef in the world, after Australia, offering disparate underwater region and abundant sea life, making it a utopia for scuba divers. Boasting cheapest open water courses in Caribbean, there are more than 16 scuba centers that teach scuba diving at beginner, advanced and professional level. There are more than 60 diving sites all around the island, some of which includes caves and several old wrecks like the infamous Halliburton. Most of these diving sites use proper safety measures, are professional and offer breathtaking views under water.

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