Phitsanulok, a 600 years old capital city of 800,000 people located in the lower northern part of Thailand right by Nan River, may not be a city people put into their backpacking itinerary when they are traveling in Thailand.

Phitsanulok, a city full of history displaying an unfiltered Thai life, is probably one of the most authentic cities you can visit in Thailand if you wish to see how most Thai people actually live outside of the bubble that is Bangkok.

With all its tourist attractions, things to do, a little insider's tips from my local friend who was born there, I have decided to write a complete travel guide on how to spend one-day in Phitsanulok to help backpackers like you get off the beaten path in Thailand and really experience Thailand as locals do. Without further ado, let's begin looking at all the things you can do on the map:

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