The Pamir Highway is one of the highlight of traveling in Central Asia. The highway is considered to be the second highest international highway in the world with the highest point standing at 4655m. The highway stretches over much of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan through the Pamir mountains starting from Osh and ended in Dushanbe. In order to traverse this remote highway, extensive planning is required and within this guide, I will explain to you how I, as a solo traveler, was able to find people to go with, picked which route to take and decided how long the trip would be.

When to Go?

People usually prefer going in mid summer (July-August) as the weather is more present but I would personally recommend going in Autumn (September) where the weather is a little cooler but the scenery is the most colorful at this time of year with trees turning orange all over. Another reason is that there will be less tourists traveling the highway so you will most likely have the whole place to yourself both in the mountains and in the guest houses.

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