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Night swimming with bioluminescent plankton, adventurous jungle treks, delicious freshly caught seafood and rustic secluded beaches with the most vibrant pink and gold sunsets. The islands in Cambodia are without a doubt some of the most magical places we’ve visited on our travels. Due to Cambodia’s turbulent past, the country has only recently encouraged a tourism industry, but thanks in part to the amazing island hopping experiences you can have here, it is now rapidly becoming the new backpacker hotspot in South East Asia. In a developing country hindered by much of the landscape in the west being littered with landmines left over from vietnam war, the south west coastal region is very safe.  Despite a surge in development of hotels and restaurants in most major towns and cities during the last decade, Cambodia’s islands have remained relatively untouched. Showcasing a natural and undeveloped appeal with a chilled out and refreshing vibe, the slower pace of life along gorgeous beaches on Cambodia’s coastline is a must on your South East Asia backpacking trail. 

With over 60 Cambodian Islands to choose from it’s hard to know which tropical paradise to hop to first and during our time along Cambodia’s coastal region we didn’t manage to visit anywhere near as many of them as we would have liked. But here’s our pick of the best Cambodian Islands both from our own experience and from the advice of other backpackers we met whilst we were travelling there. 

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