A collection of images of the view ahead from our motorbikes whilst we
travelled across Africa, from Edinburgh to Cape Town. 

A cold start to the journey across a snow covered Europe.

The sun sets in the White Desert of the Sahara, Egypt.

In search of the Meroe Pyramids, Sudan.

Kids and their donkey haul water into the town of Kassala, Sudan.

Heading towards the Eritrea border in Sudan.

Gridlock in the Tigray hills in Northern Ethiopia.

Camel trains on our descent into the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.

Dusty villages of the Afar people in the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia.

Desert warp speed, Ethiopia.

One less truck to dodge whilst in Ethiopia.

Scottish convoy, Ethiopia.

A tribesman lets his wife and daughter struggle with their heavy load from
the market, Ethiopia

The Turkana people of North West Kenya.

Picking the smoothest route south in Kenya.

The village chief greets us and get us to sign the villages guest book as
we arrive in the small village of Namasale, Uganda.

The rains start in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

Locals hitch a ride up the rolling hills of Burundi.

A river ferry take us across the Malagarassi River in Tanzania.

Out of the salt pans and into the open dry grassland of Botswana.

Sandy trails in North West Namibia.

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