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When it comes to traveling, there are few names as evocative as the Silk Road. Marco Polo traveled along the endless winding tracks, but certainly, far-flung destinations as Samarkand or Bukhara are equally well renowned. Ever since I was a child I always wanted to see it. While traveling from Venice to Nanjing would be the real dream, I knew I had to settle for a less extended itinerary. For now.

Sadly, defining this itinerary proved way harder than I originally thought. Inner Asia is so far off the international tourist tracks, that finding accommodations, flights, and inland connections take longer than anywhere else in the world (that’s how it felt at least). I finally settled for seeing Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. To me, it is the perfect combination of ancient culture and picture perfect landscape – spectacular cities, without missing out on the nomadic culture.

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