We crossed fields, industrial complexes and many trucks and cars on the French highway. There were no traffic jams, only a few slow trucks holding us down every time had a decent speed. We left the Belgian-French border behind us and we had a weekend full of joy ahead of us. A good friend of mine and myself had planned a road trip in Northern France and we were going to drive along the coastline of Normandy & Picardy. Here’s a summary of the places we visited.

We decided to take an overnight break in little town called ‘Eu‘ in Picardy as our first stop. In the next morning we went for breakfast in the town center. It was a cozy town and every inhabitant we met was friendly to us. We stayed in a charming hostel called ‘Centre des fontaines‘, which was an good place to stay for a night, and next to this hostel, up the hill, there was a large castle which we couldn’t visit because it was closed because of the offseason. A sign next to castle declared that once the French martyr ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ was kept locked up in this castle.

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