Due to the cold and harsh environment in Antarctica, it’s expected that it is NOT a hospitable place for ‘life‘ to survive in. In fact, as 98% of the continent remains covered in ice, things get extremely grim in the winter with temperatures that are able to fall down to -70°C  (it even reached -94.7°C back in 2010 and -89.2 in 1983) — and that comes together with 24 hours of darkness too. Nevertheless, the good news is that the tip of the continent (which is called as the Antarctic Peninsula) as well as the surrounding sub-Antarctic islands are more hospitable; so, they become ideal spots for witnessing some of the amazing Antarctic animals!

TRIVIA: Antarctic life forms are typically called as ‘extremophiles’ given that they can thrive in physically extreme habitats that would typically be detrimental to most life on Earth.

This term though is usually only used for microbes but penguins are sometimes referred to as such given that they can live in this place in which most other normal animals cannot.

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