I awoke, my nose damp and cold from the early morning Canadian air. Still groggy, I started to move, taking note that my toes were slightly numb and my back stiff from the frozen truck bed that we have been laying on for the past five hours. I lay there, not quite ready to move yet.

Un-cinching my sleeping bag hood to give myself some breathing room and a view of the outside world, I’m still not exactly sure where we are. All I know is that we pulled off the road around 3 AM local time and that it was definitely cold out!

I left work yesterday at 3 PM to catch a flight out of Buffalo, NY and meet up with Jonathan for another Mountain Collective adventure. We had bought the pass this year from Liftopia determined to get in one epic snowboard trip to Western mountains at least one long weekend per month. This would probably be the last of these expeditions for the season and we wanted to take it up a notch.

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