Winter is a beautiful time in South Korea, not just because of her majestic slopes but because of their festivals. Having been in Korea, I had only visited the big cities, Seoul and Busan. So, I decided this winter to spend it in their numerous villages.

The one I attended was the Mountain Trout Fishing Festival in Hwacheon, Gangwon. The village is roughly 2 hours away from Seoul and surrounded by mountains. As someone with absolutely no knowledge on fishing, I just heard barbecue and jumped on board. However, this festival was more than just the barbecue. The festival had many attractions from bait fishing, skating and many more. I participated in all the activities and also caught myself my first fish.

But the main attraction and my super favorite moment of this trip was the polar bear bare hand fishing. YES, you read it right, jumping into minus degree freezing water to catch fish only using your bare hands. I watched a lot of my friends jump into the water, catch the fish and store into their shirts. It looked like so much fun so when they called out for the last batch, I SIGNED UP.

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