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From the humble bean to that lovingly-poured, expertly-frothed cup ‘o joe, coffee has made quite a journey from its homeland of Ethiopia to become a global essential and social custom. We are living in a golden age of coffee with ecological farming practices and speciality roasts percolating the movement, helping to fill nearly two billion cups a day across the globe.

But despite its ubiquity and the worldwide artistry dedicated to crafting that perfect cup, to get the purest taste of the bean – in its freshest, just-roasted, form – you’ll need to go direct to the source. Before you hit the road (to-go cup in hand), put a pot on and enjoy our round-up of some of the planet’s most captivating coffee regions.

Thick and pungent, traditional Turkish coffee is a far cry from a smooth and delicate flat white © vsl / Shutterstock

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