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Ask any travel photographer to make a list of their dream destinations to shoot and no doubt the temples of Angkor would be on it. So while Saigon was nice, we didn’t come 9,000 miles from home just for that. No, if I’m honest, this was the reason I wanted to go on honeymoon in southeast Asia. So even while the dream of Angkor often bumps up against its popularity as a tourist destination, that can’t detract from the shear awesomeness of it all.Golden Temple HotelLeaving the airport, our taxi wound its way through the countryside and into the dusty streets of Siem Reap before finally arriving at our hotel. Now when I travel, I normally don’t pay much attention to hotels. If it’s got four walls, a bed, and a shower, I’m usually good. But in this instance, the Golden Temple Hotel was a major player in our entire Angkor experience. Walking in, we were immediately offered some delicious sweet lemon iced tea and banana chips that can best be described as the Cambodian equivalent of blue meth. Our entire stay proceeded the same way. Need a tuk-tuk to take you around the temples? Done. Want a breakfast and lunch package prepared so you can see the sun rise over Angkor? All set. Add to that the hotel’s amazing Cambodian architecture and artwork and you have what is truly one of the best hotels I’ve experienced. I hope we can come back to Angkor some day and when we do, I have no doubt where we’ll stay.

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