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It’s NO exaggeration when I say that every Japanese and (almost) every keen traveler in the world keeps a close watch on the cherry blossom (sakura) forecast of Japan at the start of every year! After all, who wouldn’t want to catch the short-lived yet magical spring season wherein every space in the country is enveloped in shades of soft pink and white?

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Now, I say ‘short-lived’ because cherry blossoms stay on their branches for only about 10 days (it can last for 2 weeks if the weather is perfect or less than 10 if the weather is ghastly). As if that doesn’t make it elusive enough, it’s not always a guarantee that you can get to enjoy them at their peak — but then again, don’t fret: there typically are close-to-accurate forecasts available that predict the cherry blossoms’ first opening and full bloom.

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