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What could characterize a tavern as classic? Is it its long history, its popularity, the quality of its cuisine or its durability over time? It’s all these elements together. It is the tavern that makes you feel at home, serves quality comfort food and evokes a feeling of intimacy. In this article we present six taverns, hidden in the neighbourhoods of Athens, that we think could be classified as classic.

Roumeli (Ρούμελη) : Hidden in the street of Vyronas, this tavern stands at this location since the 1930s. The owner continues the tradition of his family, who established and has been operating the tavern all these years. The quality of the meat, grilled on charcoal, is excellent. The variety is sufficient but the best dish here is lambchops, perfectly grilled and always tasty (considered by many the best in town). The side dishes are basic and limited, like fried potatoes, Greek salad and wild boiled greens but very tasty too. If you are lucky, during winter months, you could find delicious meat soup (a secret specialty of the place). Finally, if weather is good, you could sit at the tables on the pedestrian steet in front of the tavern. (Konstantinoupoleos 34, Vyronas)

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