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Having completed my self built camper van in July 2018 I decided to hit the open road and head to Cornwall. I had some college buddies staying in Polzeath and knew that it would be a great way to start my adventures. Soon enough I was pulling off the M5 and bumbling down the narrow Cornish roads. The hedgerows were almost as high as the van and covered in beautiful Bluebells, Crocosmia and Foxgloves. It were as if the countryside was welcoming me with open arms, a sign from the cosmos that I was heading in the right direction.

Polzeath is a stunning seaside town that's bustling with tourists during holiday season and left to the locals for some peace and quiet in between. I soon found myself at Robbie Loves campsite cracking a few beers with my old college mates Sam and George. They had both secured jobs working in hospitality at some small venues down on the beach. Having been in hospitality for the majority of my working life I wanted to find something unique that would satisfy my longing to be outdoors amongst mother nature.

I met a guy called Andrew Tuck who specialised in cooking seafood on an open fire pit on the beach, this is where I first heard about Kudhva, an off-grid glamping resort just down the road from Polzeath situated in a disused slate quarry in Trebarwith Strand. That very evening I sent off my CV to Louise (the owner) keen to find out what this place was all about. A few days later I drove down to Kudhva to have a mosey about, the first thing that I saw pulling into the place was the adventurous route up to the main communal kitchen, I knew from this point onward that this is where I wanted to spend my summer.

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