Technology is all about making life easier right? I must confess today has not been a day made easier by technology. Fact. It started at 2 am with an email (thank you dear sender!) and my day has been careening downhill ever since.

It is days like this though, that have me harking back to the lesser–tech days of travel. Pre internet. Pre social media. Where, as soon as you hit a new town you’d be staying at for a while, your first port of call would be the post office. Why?

Poste restante. Poste what? Poste restante, known as General Delivery in the USA, it was I guess, a kind of a precursor to email. It allowed the sender to send a letter, postcard, parcel, or whatever, to any post office in the world. All they’d need do is write the recipient’s name, along with the GPO for the city. As long as the recipient showed up to collect it, it worked.

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