Growing up in the islands of Batanes in the Philippines, I am no stranger to natural terrains and formations that can easily take anyone’s breath away. In fact, I’m quite hard to please when it comes to such things; but of course, this does NOT mean that I do not appreciate nor acknowledge the beautiful sights that I see in my travels — because I do! However… in order for me to be in utter awe and wonder, the landscapes must be far incredible. To date, there have only been a few places that has made me felt this way and on top of that list would have to be the far-flung yet stunning Faroe Islands.

Right from the moment that I landed there, I have felt as if I was sucked into a grand fairy tale — every where I looked, there would be something that will draw my breath in awe, as I constantly question myself if I was still on Earth!

Yes, it was that majestic and surreal.

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