Taiwan is is a stunning island nation that is smacked right between the countries of Japan and the Philippines. In fact, as someone who has grown up in the islands of Batanes (the northernmost place in the Philippines), Taiwan has since been a destination that I’ve wanted to visit. After all, we are actually closer to its borders so our radios would often pick up their stations; plus, our dialect (Ivatan) is even linguistically similar to the Taiwanese aborigine languages — that being said, these were enough reasons to pique my curiosity of Taiwan.

So it’s all thanks to KKday that I was finally able to visit this year! The interesting part about it…? I did it together with a lucky reader of mine (Robelle) who won my recent #iAndAileen Taiwan giveaway.

For sure, traveling with a ‘stranger’ can be a bit unsettling, but I was so happy that everything turned out well. We really enjoyed each other’s company! But then again, I already knew that you guys (who read my blog) are awesome *wink*

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