Japan is one of my top favorite destinations, and if you’ve been following my journey, it’s an obvious thing since I’ve been doing multiple visits there every year — most of which is to the capital city of Tokyo. (Tokyo Itinerary)

Now of course, who hasn’t heard of this vibrant city full of ancient traditions that are wonderfully contrasted by its bustling modernity? It’s definitely on everyone’s travel bucket list; and I’m sure that much like everyone else, you also want to make the most of this trip minus the stress of planning out your trip.

Well don’t fret, because with my past experiences, know-how and ‘passion’, I’m here to help you out with this DIY Tokyo itinerary! After all, I know how daunting it can be to map Tokyo out — believe me, I’ve been there — and it IS, without a doubt, a dense and massive metropolitan city that can easily be a separate country of its own.

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