Discovering The Underwater The Devil’s Den, In Florida — Minivan Of Memories

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It is Christmas 2016 and we are heading to Florida like many families do every year chasing the fantasy experiences surrounding Orlando. Yes, we wil..

The Beauty Of New Zealand’s Southern Alps And West Coast Glaciers From Above In 25 Photos (plus Bonus Video Clip!) | My Modern Adventures en

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Being able to admire the snow and glacier covered mountains of New Zealand from a helicopter is truly a surreal and jaw-dropping experience. It just..

What You Should Know About Winter Yurt Camping In Algonquin Park | My Modern Adventures

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What better way to embrace the Canadian winter than to try camping at the height of it. Yes, that’s right, my friends and I were brave (or crazy) en..

A Taste Of New Zealand’s Subtropical Paradise, The Bay Of Islands – A Photo Diary en

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Imagine turquoise waters, golden beaches, 144 stunning islands, dolphins, whales and a year-round warm weather. Those are just some of the things th..

Cruising Through Majestic Milford Sound – A Photo Diary | My Modern Adventures en

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What comes to mind when you think of Milford Sound? For me, I think of colossal peaks and magnificent waterfalls. Cruising through this magical plac..

Five Big Highlights You Must Not Miss In New Zealand’s Northland en

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To be honest, when I first arrived in New Zealand a few months ago (yes, it’s been a few months!), I almost wrote off the northern tip of this beaut..

Your Quick Guide To Auckland, New Zealand’s Largest City en

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I lived in New Zealand for a total of 7 months. Although I didn’t technically live in Auckland full time, I spent a lot of time there (sometimes two..

Lessons I Learned From My Insane Banff Hiking Trip And Life In General en

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  This one is going to be a bit more personal. To say that I enjoyed my trip to Banff would be an understatement. It was definitely one of my bes..

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From hiking the highest peaks to rafting icy rapids and lazing on the sun-kissed Adriatic, these are the best outdoor experiences waiting in Montene..

Top Five Hikes In New Zealand’s Spectacular Franz Josef Glacier en

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The 12 kilometre Franz Josef Glacier is located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park on New Zealand’s West Coast. The glacier descends from the bre..

The Perfect Place For Digital Nomads To Unplug: Borneo, Malaysia en

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When I was a young child I remember flipping through a National Geographic article on Borneo, Malaysia. The pictures showed lush green trees that ..

How To Have The Perfect Day In Porto

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From sampling Portuguese flavours and port to exploring the scruffy neighbourhood of Ribeira, here's how to have the perfect day in Porto.