8 Best Places To Go After Covid-19 - A Guide To Places To Travel To For Social-distancing

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As countries around the world started to open its door to tourism again after a long period of lockdown and closed borders, it is time for us to div..

10 Best Things To Do In Tirana, Albania - The Ultimate Backpacking Guide On What To See And Where To Stay In Tirana

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For being isolated for such a long time behind the Iron Curtain until 1991, you would think that Tirana, the capital city of Albania, would be a dul..

What To Pack For The Everest Base Camp Hike - A Complete Packing List

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Everest Base Camp trail is one of the best hikes you can do in the world. The trail will take you to some of the most stunning and diverse Himalayan..

9 Best Things To Do In Alishan - One-day Hiking Itinerary For Alishan, Taiwan

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In Taiwan, there is Taroko Park where all the gorges and rivers are and then there is Alishan where you will find all the high mountains and ancient..

How To Plan Your First Solo Trip - A Step By Step Guide On How To Plan A Successful First Solo Trip

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Now that you have all the nitty-gritty details of a country you want to visit from my travel guides, it is time to start planning your own solo trip..

Top 10 Things To Do In Dresden - A One-day Itinerary On Things To Do, What To See And Where To Stay In Dresden, Germany

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Dresden was the place I celebrated my 27th birthday where I began my day with a hike in the Saxony Switzerland region and ended my night with a Germ..

12 Best Things To Do In Ayutthaya For Backpackers - A 2-days Itinerary For The Historical Old City Of Ayutthaya, Thailand

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Ayutthaya is an important ancient city that created a foundation and made up the Thai modern history of today. The city was mentioned in many of the..

A Complete Travel Guide To Van, Turkey - Itinerary, Things To Do, Where To Stay, And More

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Known for its generous portion of breakfast and its scenic location by the largest lake in Turkey, Van is one stunning hidden gem of a destination i..

8 Great Things To Do In Kamianets Podilskyi - A Backpacking Guide To The Most Beautiful City In Ukraine

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Kamianets-Podilskyi, an island city home to Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Ukraine, is a place that seems like it ..

The Best Time To Visit Thailand - When To Visit Bangkok, Chiang Mai, & The Islands

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Thailand is a tropical country with diverse topography and climate where you can find high mountains in the north as well as tropical beaches and is..

The Ultimate Backpacking Guide To Oman - 7 Days Budget Itinerary For Backpackers

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Oman is one of the biggest surprises for me this year. I went into the country thinking that I would not enjoy it as it is so expensive and they don..

How To Get To Gilgit From Islamabad - Everything You Need To Know Before Taking The Bus

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The north of Pakistan is where all the epic landscapes are at and if you are planning a trip to Northern Pakistan, you are likely to be passing thro..