When it comes to snorkelling with whale sharks, Djibouti is unsurpassable, floating with these majestic creatures is unlike anything you will have experienced. Beneath the surface, a great repertoire of diving adventures also awaits, with a great mix of shipwrecks and reef dives suitable for all levels. The best part is, there will be no crowds to share in the experience.

A whale shark and snorkellers swim in the Bay of Ghoubbet Fergus Kennedy / Getty Images

The best diving in Djibouti takes place off the islands of Maskali and Moucha in the Gulf of Tadjoura, where you will find plenty of sites for all levels of divers. The superb marine biodiversity, the incredibly healthy reefs (Garden of Eden-like) and lack of other divers are all big draws. And as on land in Djibouti, there's a sense of adventure to spice up the diving. A few marvellous reef dives include Tombant Point, which is blessed with healthy corals and prolific marine life, and the Canyon, a relaxing site suitable for novices. Another site worthy of exploration is Les Patates Air France ('Air France Bommies'), which is known for its shoals of groupers, especially in March and April when they mate.

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