We were supposed to celebrate Jaz’s birthday and Valentines together in Bolivia, but snow in Boston did not let it happen. So, Jaz flew to Medellin with her mom. She asked one of her friends who is also a travel blogger for some recommendations of what to do in Medellin. Jaz started with this list, which grew even longer once in Medellin. She fell in love with the city and hopes to come back someday with Steven and explore this gorgeous city together.

The flight arrived early in the morning to Medellin. There are several different options to get to the city from the airport. We opted for the cheapest option, which is a bus that takes you to San Diego Mall and then catch a cab to your hotel from there. From the airport a taxi charges 65,000 COP, a shared ride to San Diego charges 18,000 COP, and the bus costs only 9,500 COP.

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