First yoga retreat of your life is going to be a life-changing experience that will shake your world at the root level. As a newbie, expect these 14 things happening to you and hacks you need to manage them.

According to a Yoga Journal study, more than 40 million Americans and Yoga practitioners belonging to various fitness levels express their desire to go on a Yoga holiday. A Yoga retreat is a way to achieve higher levels of consciousness while enjoying all the perks of a simple holiday. A little bit of healthy eating, culture, and meditation doesn’t hurt either. Yoga Retreats are not some sort of prolonged exercise marathon but a holistic experience that brings together the goodness of mindfulness (meditation) and movement (Yoga) under one blue sky. Apart from this, accessing a Yoga retreat shall let you become a part of the group of like-minded people who are on this soulful journey to find their higher-self and achieve wholeness.

So, if this is your first time at trying it out, then here are 14 tips for beginner Yoga retreats extravaganza:

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