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Voloder is a small place in Croatia, it is 60 km far away from Zagreb – capital city of Croatia. From documents in 2001, about 2000 people live in Voloder. Every autumn since 1967, when harvest days are coming and the grape harvest is blooming, you can feel in Voloder folk joy because there is happening their manifestation called „Voloderska jesen“ which means „Voloder's autumn“ It is their traditional festival of folk music, food, wine and joy.

People from all over the country come to see and feel their positive energy, three days of celebration and you can find things for all kind of generations. There is a main stage with cultural and fun schedules, food and drinks, fun parks and every night a famous singer or group from Croatia is having their performance.

“Voloderska Jesen“ is one of the oldest celebrations of that kind in Croatia, also, I really like their Gothic church of st. Antonio from Padova, it's very beautiful, from outside and from inside.

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