Having grown up in South America, the desire to escape from normal life has always overwhelmed me. However, it was only when I moved to Paris that I decided to let it express itself. One day, I throw myself into an adventure. I took my backpack and bought a flight ticket to Bangkok. Thailand is the dream-land for backpackers and I couldn't be more excited, there's no better place in the world to start a backpacking journey. Taking a different approach of most of the tourists in Thailand I headed to the north of the island away from famous beaches and full moon parties. I love the authenticity of the north with its incredible temples, warm Thai people and especially its lush jungle.

The Thai jungle is surreal and I had the opportunity to admire it during a 3-day trek about 1h30 from Chiang Mai. I was expecting an adventure but probably not with such authenticity. Although the tour seemed very simple with an easy booking at the hotel, it turned out to be a lot more than a simple walk. 

With a group of British tourists and our guides Nu and Jon, we set off for 6 hours of walking through the jungle in the Thai mountains. The scenery was breathtaking but the effort was intense, too much for Nu one of our guides. Shirtless with his cowboy hat, he could no longer follow us. So Jon, his colleague, made a decision. We were going out of the trails to take a shortcut. Scary, right? And what a shortcut! Jon traced the road with a machete. Through banana trees and thick vegetation, we advanced with difficulty in a very slippery ground. Many of us started falling on the floor due to the slippery ground. Our group was a little scared and skeptical. 

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