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Halloumi or haloumi (Greek: Χαλούμι) is widely known as traditional cheese from Cyprus (Κύπρος), although it is produced and in other regions (basically in the Middle East). It is a semi-hard cheese that can be grilled or pan-fried. It has a white colour and its important feature is that it does not melt at a high temperature during baking. For the production of halloumi the following raw materials are used: fresh sheep or goat milk (or a mixture of the two) with or without cow’s milk, rennet (excluding rennet from pig stomach), fresh or dried Cypriot mint leaves and salt. However, it is not permissible to use a larger amount of cow’s milk in the preparation of halloumi. Regarding the etymology of the word there are three versions: a) that it is derived from the ancient Greek word almi (άλμη), b) that it comes from the ancient Egyptian through the Coptic ialom, and c) that it comes from the Arabic khallum.

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